Marketing for a Tattoo Parlor

Marketing for a Tattoo Parlor

Just like every industry has its marketing strategies, the tattoo industry is not any different. With lots of shops and highly talented artists to choose from, the necessity of applying the best strategies in order to win over customers is very important. Prioritizing the promotion of your tattoo parlor would ensure rapid growth. When marketing for a Tattoo Parlor, here are some tips to follow to ensure that you stay shoulders above your competition:

1. Embrace Society:

Sales is a game of numbers. The more people who know about what you do, the more your chances of increasing your customer base. For one, you could apply the use of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by getting involved in some charitable events. It is not just the exclusive reserve of large organizations. This strategy would see more people in your immediate environment see your business in a good light. For members of the society who still view tattoo parlors as a seedier aspect of the past, such charitable activities would win them over for sure.

2. Effectively Use Social Media:

Apart from the fact that this medium is very affordable, it reaches far and wide as a channel of disseminating information. The beauty about the whole thing is that it allows for the display of images. You can use this to best effect in showcasing some of your best works. Folks love pictures and would easily share images which they love among their social media friends. This would help in spreading your name to every nook and cranny. If you prime yourself well, you may even use this channel to share the testimonials of your clients.  Here are some more tricks to effectively use social media.

3. Work On Your Promotion Strategies:

There are dozens of ways through which you can promote your tattoo parlor. One brilliant trick is to give away things that folks use almost on a daily basis. As an instance, using a pen for promotion would go a long way in announcing your tattoo parlor within various circles. Any time your client brings out your promotional pen to write, it speaks volumes as anyone around would take notice of it. Your clients are more likely to use your promotional pen since it stands out from a typical pen.

4. Create Fun Events:

You may decide to set aside a particular day in every month to offer a specific promotion. Let us say you decide that on every last Wednesday of the month your clients can take advantage of a limited $15 tattoo. Clients would begin looking forward to that day. Besides the fact that it promotes goodwill for your tattoo parlor, it would get tongues wagging. Most importantly, this simple once in a month event would not only be spread by word of mouth, planning for it is a breeze.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it is common knowledge that tattoos have become more mainstream than it was in the past. This fact alone has made competition heat up and explains why applying an effective marketing for a tattoo parlor is important.